We understand that the majority of drivers consider themselves to be excellent drivers but as with many things in life, you can always learn more and the very fact that you are reading this page already acknowledges that there may be at least a little room for improvement!!

There’s no shame in not being quite up to Lewis Hamilton’s driving level but by putting your trust in the team at SDF and our advanced driving techniques, we can ensure that your skills reach a higher level than ever before.

Who is Advanced Driver Training For?

Our advanced driving courses are not only for people who already enjoy their driving Advanced Driving Dayand would like to enhance their driving skills; it is just as well suited to those drivers who feel nervous or uncomfortable when at the wheel.

Even experienced drivers can become involved in other people’s mistakes on the road.  How often do we hear people tell us of an accident that wasn’t their fault?  Most accident situations are avoidable, regardless of blame, and our training will show you how to escape other drivers’ accidents; including being hit from behind.

Everyone who recognises the benefits of increasing their skill level, safety, confidence, economy and enjoyment of day-to-day driving can be helped by this course of advanced driving techniques.

No. 1 – Improved Driving Skills

The skills that you learn throughout the duration of your standard driving tuition will stand you in good stead on the road but completion of the leading advanced driver training Guildford has to offer will help move your skills to another level through teaching you how to:

  • Control your vehicle in all situations.
  • Control the environments you drive in
  • Use your driving skills to influence other road users.
  • Anticipate hazards and how to avoid them.
  • Keep yourself and passengers safe on the road.
  • Reduce motoring costs

No. 2 – Increased Fuel Economy

As well as increasing your overall levels of driving knowledge & skills, you will also receive the opportunity to reduce motoring costs.

Your enhanced skills will allow you to pick the correct time to change gears and other tips to ensure maximum fuel economy.

No. 3 – Reduced Insurance Costs

Passing an official advanced driving courses is recognised by a number of reputable insurance companies and therefore offers the opportunity to reduce those all important insurance premiums.

For example, following successful completion of the All Road Training advanced driving test you can save approximately 25% on your annual car insurance!

For more on the Surrey Driving Force Advanced Driving Day, please click here.