Although we would all love to believe that our driving skills are unbelievably good, the truth is there is nearly always room for at least some improvement and the through the completion of an advanced driving course, will ensure that your driving skills receive a significant boost.

Who Have Advanced Driving Courses Been Designed For?

Advanced driving courses have been designed for drivers of all ages and with all levels Would An Advanced Driving Course Benefit Youof previous experience. If you ask yourself if you would like to drive more safely, economically, with an increased awareness for others, an advanced course is just for you. We may even be able to help to improve your enjoyment levels whilst driving!

If you ever feel nervous or uncomfortable whilst driving, our advanced driving courses will help to instil the confidence that you need through our training to ensure that you always feel safe and confident behind the wheel.

Why Take an Advanced Course?

As well as the obvious benefits of offering significant improvements in your driving ability, learning advanced driving skills can actually save you money in 2 specific ways.

  • Firstly, during our tuition you will cover the correct time to change gears along with other tips to ensure maximum fuel economy.
  • Secondly, following successful completion of the All Road Training advanced driving test you can save around 25% on your annual car insurance.

Avoid Costly Accidents

It is an unfortunate fact that many of today’s road users have been involved in a road accident at some point. Regardless of fault, an insurance claim usually results in you being out of pocket in one way or another. Through damage to your car, to your no claims bonus being adversely affected, you can suffer financially in many different ways.

Advanced driving training will show you how many accidents can be avoided, simply by increased awareness. Even taking into consideration bad drivers on the road, with our training you can avoid situations that are no fault of your own such as being hit from behind.