Since 5th May 1999, when taking your driving test, the possibility that you may be asked to do a reverse parking exercise as a reversing into a parking bay has existed.

Reverse parking into a bay must be carried out at the test centre at the start or end of the test, assuming there is a car park at the test centre. If you are asked to reverse into a parking bay, you can usually choose whether to reverse from the right or the left.

Bay parking is one of 4 manoeuvres which must be mastered before taking the driving test. The bay parking manoeuvre is something that many people have difficulty in coming to terms with but fortunately is less likely on the driving test due to not all driving test centres having bay parking bays available. The possibility does exist however that you may travel to a different test centre that has bay parking facilities to conduct the manoeuvre during your test.

It is possible that on your test route you could pass another test centre with a car park. It has been known that this has been used to do a bay park exercise. Please check with us first to see whether this would be a possibility for your test.

If you are asked to complete a bay parking exercise, your test examiner on will expect you to complete your bay parking:-

  • Safely
  • Smoothly
  • Under control
  • Making proper use of the accelerator, clutch, brakes and steering
  • Without crossing the white bay marking.

The examiner will also be looking to see that you:-

  • Are aware of other road users
  • Keep looking all around throughout the manoeuvre

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