One of the major reasons that people delay learning how to drive relates to the associated costs of being a newly qualified driver.

Unfortunately, the statistics show that inexperienced drivers are more likely to be involved in some form of road traffic accident and as such, the initial premiums quoted by UK insurance companies are likely to be extremely high. However, good news is at hand.

Increasing Experience

There are already a number of courses available which have been specifically designed to Would You Consider Black Box Insuranceincrease the experience and skill-set of newly qualified drivers, such as the Pass Plus, and once passed, can be used to reduce insurance premiums.

To take things a step further, new technology has been utilised to create an innovative new ‘black box’ which can be used to help drive insurance premiums down.

A recent Telegraph article highlighted the following –

Text tells you how your child drives: ‘Black box’ recorders handed to parents in return for lower insurance bills

  • Tracking devices are fitted to cars to record details of speed and braking
  • Three companies will share data collected by tracking over 300,000 miles

Insurance firms are texting the parents of young motorists to warn them of bad driving by their offspring, it has been reported.

So-called ‘black box’ recorders – tracking devices fitted to cars to record details of speed and braking – are compiling data which is then handed to parents in return for lower insurance bills.

If the driver has a smartphone app with geo-tracking capabilities, the parent can pinpoint the exact road where the bad driving took place.

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Reducing Premiums

By allowing insurance companies to track the driving habits of young drivers, some are ready to reduce their premiums if the driver can demonstrate excellent levels of driving ability.