Cyclists and their road cycling abilities often polarise opinions from many motorists and this recent development is certain to be a hot topic of conversation over the coming months.

Whilst many cyclists comply with all the laws and regulations of the UK’s roads, some (just as some drivers) seem to believe they are exempt to these laws.

It has also not escaped the thoughts of some that whilst many drivers pay road tax which contributes towards the upkeep of the UK’s system of roads, cyclists do not have to make these legally obligated payments.

However are things about to change?

A recent story in the Telegraph highlighted a campaign which could make things very different.

Should cyclists pay to use roads? 32,000 sign petition calling for bike users to require insurance

More than 32,000 people have signed an online petition calling for British cyclists to be obliged to hold insurance to use public UK roads

Owen McDermott, who created the petition, says in an accompanying statement: “The public roads used by motor vehicles are becoming unsafe to use due to one particular community that feel they are eligible to cycle on public UK roads.

“If a cyclist throws him or herself into the back of a stationary motor vehicle, who’s to blame? Not the cyclist. The driver of the motor vehicle would have to pay their own excess to repair the damages.”

He also calls for cyclists to require a cycling qualification before being allowed on the roads, saying: “Just like having to sit your theory and your practical test to obtain a driving licence, cyclists should have to do the same. What training have they had to use the road safely?

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