Are you looking to book your driving tuition with the premier standard of driving lessons Ashford Middlesex? The look no further than Surrey Driving Force, one of the fastest growing driving schools in the South East.

Innovative Training Methods

Driving Lessons Ashford Middlesex

SDF offer the highest standard when it comes to driving lessons in Ashford, Middlesex

Our driving lessons in Ashford Middlesex are of the highest standard, and are provided by our team of professional and experienced instructors, who will make your lessons informative and easy to follow.

Our instructors create an environment that will help you manage what can be an unsettling experience. We feel that this approach is vital to enhancing your on-going driving skills.

Throughout your tuition with us, we will spend all of the time needed to ensure that you learn everything that you require to develop into a safe and competent driver.

Wide Variety of Tuition Available

Surrey Driving Force are offering fantastic introductory price of just £15 each for the first 4 lessons, for learner drivers in Ashford Middlesex and the surrounding area.

Whether you have never been behind the wheel of a car before, or you are an experienced driver looking to refresh your knowledge, we provide a range of instruction options which include:

Realistic Mock Test

To ensure you are as prepared for the conditions of your driving test as possible we also offer, as part of your tuition process, a very realistic mock test, carried out by an instructor with whom you are not familiar. This provides practical evidence of what you will meet during the real test.

The feedback that you receive after you have completed your mock driving test will provide you with an invaluable insight into any areas that you may need to work on, to ensure you are 100% prepared for your actual test.

Pass Plus

We strongly recommend to all of our pupils, that they complete the Pass Plus course once they have passed their driving test.

This course is incredibly useful. Not only does it show them how to deal with unusual situations not previously encountered but it also offers reductions in first year’s insurance premiums with participating companies.

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