As well as our excellent standard of regular Advanced Driving Courses Middlesex driving tuition, Surrey Driving Force also offers the leading range of advanced driving courses Middlesex has to offer. It is important to note that once you have passed your driving test there is still much to learn.

Our range of advanced driving courses include something to help enhance the driving skills of even the most experienced of drivers and can improve their driving skills in many different ways.

Whilst many drivers already consider themselves to be highly competent, it may surprise more than a few people to know that there are many areas which can be improved upon.

Benefits of Advanced Driving Courses

The completion of one of the premier standard of advanced driving courses Middlesex has to offer will present the qualified driver with a wide range of benefits including some which are financial. Nearly all of our courses will ensure that the completing driver will be eligible for reductions in insurance premiums due to the increased standard of their driving.

The premier standard of advanced driving courses Middlesex has to offer will improve you general levels of driving ability and therefore teach you to drive more safely along with increasing your levels of awareness and perception in regard to potential road hazards.

Every year there are more and more road accidents leading to life-changing and all to often fatal consequences. You owe it to yourself and your family to minimise the risk on today’s roads by driving to the best of your ability.

Drive Your Car More Efficiently and Save Money

As well as increased road awareness, we also teach you to drive your car more efficiently. With the ever increasing cost of fuel, this can lead to a considerable saving over a period of time. We cover the correct time to change gears and other tips to ensure maximum fuel economy.

The Advanced Driving Test

Following our advanced driving course, if you wish, you can take the stringent All Road Training advanced driving test. Rather than just a pass or fail, this test is actually graded and the grade you receive at the end of the test determines your future insurance discount which can be up to 25%.

Wide Range of Advanced Driving Tuition

The leading level of advanced driving courses Middlesex has to offer are available in a wide range of formats and can be tailored to teach anything ranging from Eco-Friendly driving techniques all the way to teaching the skills which you need to become a driving instructor yourself.

The driving courses listed below can be found explained in greater detail throughout our website:

  • Eco Safe Driving
  • Diamond Advanced Test
  • Driving Instructor Training
  • All Road Training Advanced Driving Test
  • ADI Part 1
  • ADI Part 2
  • ADI Part 3

Wide Range of Advanced Tuition

The premier standard of advanced driving courses Middlesex has to offer is also available throughout all areas ofSurrey. If you have any doubt that your area is covered please check with us.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the premier standard of advanced driving courses Middlesex has to offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0845 190 2012 or text LESSONS to 81066 or email

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