Fleet Driver Training, Surrey

Approximately 1 in 4 serious road collisions now involves a company car or van driver. The cost of repairs, insurance, time off for staff, etc. runs into the millions. The Health & Safety at Work Act, and other corporate legislation, means employers must assess the risks their employees undertake in all aspects of their duties – including driving.

Any vehicle which is driven by someone carrying out business on behalf of a company is classed as “the workplace” and therefore subject to legislation. This includes those vehicles owed by the employee but used for company business. It is not enough that an employee has a valid driving licence and MOT certification!

Surrey Driving Force provide Fleet Driver Risk Assessments, as well as Fleet Driver Training, all in the Surrey & Middlesex areas. This training will not only reduce the risk of collisions involving your fleet drivers, but also reduce costs like insurance, fuel and repair bills. Our fleet driver training skills are second to none and are vital to any business operating a fleet of drivers. Benefits include:

  • Reduced fleet costs – insurance, repairs, fuel etc
  • Fewer days off work for drivers, missed orders, etc
  • Avoid the bad publicity collisions could cause
  • Compliance with relevant legislation

Our fleet driver training programmes are completely bespoke and can be tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our experienced fleet trainers, who are experts in the field of road safety and training delivery, will provide the highest standard of service.

Fleet Driver Training is just another of the many services Surrey Driving Force offer. Have a look at our Services page for more details.

Further Information

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