Does the thought of incurring a seemingly never ending list of costs put you off when you think about learning how to drive? Whilst understand that the furthest thing from your mind once you have passed your driving test is starting another block of driving lessons, the Pass Plus course is just one of the options that can help to keep your driving costs down to an absolute minimum.

The AA offer a number of great tips designed to keep your money in your pocket and they can be accessed by clicking here. However, we can help to keep costs down by offering your tangible course which can help to keep insurance premiums down at a time that they are typically at their most expensive.

What is the Pass Plus Course?

The Pass Plus course can prove to be hugely beneficial for newly qualified drivers both in Reduce Driving Costs By Doing Thisterms of gaining driving experience and also financially. If you want to further develop your driving skills and build up your confidence on the road, then Pass Plus training is just the ticket.

Pass Plus is an established driver training course aimed at new drivers, particularly in the first year after passing their test, but can also be useful to more experienced drivers.

Statistics show that newly passed drivers are significantly more likely to have a crash in their first two years of driving, due to a lack of experience with different road situations.

Minimum of 6 Hours

The training lasts for a minimum of 6 hours. This can be undertaken on one day or over a number of lessons.

There are six modules within the training. These are:

  1.     Town driving
  2.      All weather driving conditions
  3.      Rural roads
  4.      Night driving
  5.      Dual carriageways
  6.      Motorway tuition

What Other Courses Are Available

Surrey Driving Force are known throughout the area for offering a tremendous range of driving tuition. As well as the Pass Plus courses, we offer: