It is not possible to over state the importance of leaving space when driving. Leaving the appropriate amount of space between you and the car directly in front of you will help to create a ‘safety bubble’ which can literally prove to be the difference between life and death if something untoward takes place ahead of you.

Learning how to keep a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you is something that we will help to teach you during the driving lessons in Chertsey with us. By the time you have finished, it will feel just as natural as every other aspect of driving.

The 2 Second Rule Is Not a Myth

If you have any experience driving with Surrey Driving Force, you will already be well aware of the ‘2 second rule’.

If however you are unaware of this rule, there is no need to worry as it is a simple one to follow. To successfully apply this rule whilst driving, you simply need to look at the car ahead and pick out a marker point; this could be a tree or a lamppost, or anything that is static. The marker will act as your indicator for the two second rule.

When the car in front passes that reference point, it should be no less than 2 seconds before you pass the same point. If you pass the marker too quickly, you need to slow down a little to ensure that you drop back a little further.

The idea of the 2 second rule is that 2 seconds will give you enough time to react should the car in front of you break heavily or become involved in an accident.

However, when driving in poor weather conditions, it is important to increase this a little further (double would be a good guide) because wherever the road is wet or icy, two seconds may be enough time for you to react, but the car will not be able to react in the same way.

Extra Care

Would you think that new tarmac or old tarmac provides better grip? The majority of people automatically think that new tarmac offers much better grip but the truth is far different. For up to a year after new tarmac has been laid, it offers significantly less grip than older tarmac and this should always be factored into the space that you leave, should you be travelling along a newly laid road.