Towards the end of 2015, the Mirror highlighted the fact that a petition demanding a change in the law to make tests compulsory for all drivers over 70 has already topped 170,000 signatures.

With stories such as the one below coming under increasing scrutiny, many people believe that the time for change has come.

Fatal East Midlands M1 crash driver, 87, was going wrong way

“An 87-year-old motorist who died in a crash on the M1 had been driving the wrong way, it has been confirmed.

He had been at the wheel of a Mazda Premacy when it collided with a Ford Transit van near Kegworth in Leicestershire.”

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Balancing The Argument

To help offering countering viewpoints, the Mirror interviewed two people with differing views to help people make a more informed decision.

The case for older drivers being re-tested was made by Ben Brooks-Dutton

In the court case against the 83-year-old driver who struck and killed my wife , his defence barrister admitted that, in the UK, we don’t have a system that properly assesses people.

He stated: “He was on a three-year licence renewal and his doctor didn’t ever suggest he shouldn’t drive.”

And no wonder, because the driver’s doctor recommended that he start driving again as soon as possible.

That’s because once a person has passed their driving test, their decision to carry on into old age is mostly self-regulated.

The case against older drivers being re-tested was made by Eileen Ash

I have been driving since 1937 and never had an accident. In 78 years on the road I have only damaged my car once – when I reversed into a lawn mower in my garage.

I love driving. Whenever I get into a car I enjoy the freedom and independence it gives me.

As an elderly driver you do have to keep your wits about you. But I make sure I’m always concentrating on the road and looking in the mirror.

I take it seriously. I don’t want an accident to stop me driving.

I believe the most dangerous part of a driving career is when you are 18 to 25. People that age just want to go as fast as they can.

I use my car every week to go to yoga classes, the supermarket and also to visit friends.

I don’t go long distances, but without my car I would be completely lost. If they took my car away tomorrow life just wouldn’t be the same.

If you have a car you can go out whenever you like but relying on friends picking you up is quite a different thing. It’s all about independence and freedom.

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