Surrey Driving Force is the fastest growing and most popular driving school in Egham. Providing the highest level of driving tuition in the Egham area.

Friendly Team of Instructors Driving School Egham

Starting your driving lessons can be a life changing experience and, because of this, we employ a team of highly-qualified, friendly and enthusiastic driving instructors, who possess all of the qualities needed to bring the best out of you.

We have both male and female instructors on our team who will provide the leading level of driving lessons Egham has to offer. They employ a range of innovative training methods and techniques to ensure that your driving tuition stays fresh and enjoyable. The atmosphere created for your lessons will be as relaxed as possible to ensure that you do not feel uncomfortable whilst you are learning all of the skills that you need to develop into a safe and confident driver.

We understand that everyone is different and we all learn new skills at a different pace, therefore, whilst undertaking the premier level of driving lessons Egham has to offer, you will never be rushed or pressured into something that you are not ready for and we will spend all of the time needed to develop your skills at a pace that is right for you.

Diverse Range of Tuition

A common misconception regarding driving schools is that they just cater for new and inexperienced drivers. That is certainly not the case with Surrey Driving Force as we have a wide and varied range of driving tuition available that is certain to help all drivers reach their driving goals.

The range of tuition that Surrey Driving Force has to offer includes:

  • Motorway tuition
  • Pass Plus
  • Advanced driving tuition
  • Refresher courses
  • Intensive courses
  • ADI training

Realistic Mock Test

A realistic variation of the mock driving test plays a pivotal role in all learner drivers’ preparation for their practical driving test. Part of what makes Surrey Driving Force the premier driving school in Egham is our ultra realistic mock driving test, included as part of your tuition.

To help accurately re-create the driving test atmosphere, we ensure that your mock driving test is completed with a driving instructor with whom you are unfamiliar. We find that this creates far more realistic conditions and will help you to be better prepared for your big day.

The feedback that you receive after you have completed your mock driving test from the instructor will provide you with an invaluable insight into any areas of weakness and help to ensure that you are 100% ready for the real thing.

Excellent First Time Pass Rates

Such is the quality of the driving tuition Surrey Driving Force has to offer, that our learner drivers have an exceptional first time pass rate, which currently stands at over 20% above the national average.

Further Information

If you would like to receive any further information regarding the premier standard of driving lessons Egham has to offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by either calling 0845 190 2012,texting LESSONS to 81066 or emailing