Driving Lessons SurreyWe offer a tremendous discount for your first 2 lessons with us!!

Our regular price is £23 for a 1 hour lesson but your first 2 lessons with us will cost just £15 each – a saving of £16!

Additional savings are available by block booking your lessons.

Discounts for block bookings

  • 10 hour prepaid booking at £22 per hour – a saving of £10!
  • 20 hour prepaid booking at £21 per hour – a saving of £40!

Mock Practical Tests

  • Duration approx 1 hour including debrief – £25 per test

Use of Instructor’s car for the Practical Test

  • Manual car – £70
  • Automatic car – £75

The price above also includes an hour’s lesson before the practical test takes place. We reserve the right to charge another hour’s rate if the test centre being used is not locally based & results in the 2 hour period being exceeded.

The test fees that apply when you book your test are decided by the DSA are payable directly to the DSA.

For a full list of all current DSA (Driving Standards Agency) test fees, please click here.

Pass Plus Course

  • £149 for 6 hours

There is no formal test at the end of each Pass Plus module & to complete each module you must reach the required standard as determined by your driving instructor. Because of this it is possible that your Pass Plus course may exceed a total of six hours. If this is the case, any additional hours will be charged at our standard rates.

Motorway Lessons, Refresher Lessons and Taxi Training

  • £25 per hour

Lessons in an Automatic Vehicle

Please add £2 to the hourly rates above for lessons in an automatic vehicle.

Taxi Driver Training Course

  • 6 hours at £140

Advanced Driver Training

  • £25 per hour

ADI Part 1

The training for Part 1 is free.

Because the training for ADI Part One Part One is not classroom based, it can be undertaken wherever the trainee feels most comfortable. There are a wide range of learning aids available via the internet & CD-ROM.

We are always available to offer assistance wherever needed by phone or e-mail.

ADI Part 2

Part 2 Training is £55 for 2 hours. This training can be undertaken in either your own car or one of our training cars, whichever you feel most appropriate.

There is no set time period to complete the ADI Part 2 & we will advise you at the end of each session how your are progressing.

ADI Part 3

Part 3 Training is £55 for 2 hours. The ADI Part 3 can again be undertaken in either your own car or one of out training cars. There is no set time period for the ADI Part 3 training as it is our aim is to ensure that you become test ready. We will constantly update you with our take on your progression. However, unlike ADI Part 2 training where there is not minimum number of lessons, in order for  to obtain a trainee licence, you will be expected to complete a minimum of 40 hours of ADI Part 3 training to become eligible to sit your final test.

We will provide you with full details at the initial introduction stage of your training & will answer any questions that you may have.