In one form or another, many of us have either seen or been faced with some type of road rage. A classic example of this was highlighted in a recent Daily Mail article and it is safe to say that the results are both scary and dangerous.

Moment a road rage van driver stopped in the middle of M60

A van driver who swerved across a busy motorway and broke in front of a HGV has been banned from driving after he was caught on camera.

Always Remember To Stay Calm

Letting anger get the better of you can never been a good thing and this can often prove to be the difference between good drivers and bad drivers.

Good drivers are typically the ones who have a good temperament and have mastered the techniques needed to remain patient and calm during stressful on-road situations.

During your driving lessons in Guildford, road rage is never likely to arise – you are still learning to drive and will therefore not be overly concerned about the bad habits of other road users. If, however, at a point during your lessons you feel your temperament is hampering your driving, we will be more than happy to help provide you with as many tips as you need to ensure that the red mist does not descend.

Keeping Cool

During your life on the road, there will almost certainly be a time when someone pull outs on you or cuts you up. It is situations such as these that you must put safety first and play it cool.

If you begin to feel the anger descending when driving, simply ease your foot off the throttle and take a few deep breaths. It is important to remember that none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes from time to time. Just because someone may have pulled out in front of you, they have simply made a genuine error in misjudging the situation. Road rage does not do anyone any favours, keep a good temperament by letting your anger go.

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