Along with mastering the expected general driving skills, a key part of all driving tuition is mastering the essential driving manoeuvres. Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting some of the essential manoeuvres continuing with another of the basics – reversing to the right.

A natural progression after learning how to reverse to the left, the right reverse is again doubly beneficial as it can also be put into good use to help in tricky parking situations

What Is the Difference Between The Two?

The main difference between reversing to the left and right is that the kerb will be on your right hand side, therefore requiring you to alternate between looking over your left and your right hand shoulder to perform the manoeuvre correctly.

Opposite Side of the Road

Because this manoeuvre is carried out on the opposite side of the road, you are likely to be facing oncoming traffic and will find the kerb is on your right hand side which requires you to alternate between looking over your left and right shoulders.

It Can Be Particularly Beneficial When Doing This!

SDF Tip – It is often said that the ability to reverse to the right is particularly useful when driving a van or similar vehicle. This is because the view to the rear left (i.e. nearside) is restricted. Vans aren’t the only vehicles that are affected by this problem. Many modern sports cars also have severely restricted rear vision.

The following video from explores this in further detail.