Along with mastering the expected general driving skills, a key part of all driving tuition is mastering the essential driving manoeuvres. Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting some of the essential manoeuvres starting with another of the basics – reversing round the corner.

An Essential Driving Manoeuvre

The reversing round the corner manoeuvre is something that can be doubly beneficial. Not only will it help you to learn how to accurately and safely reverse around corners, it will also help you to learn how to reverse park (particularly useful for parking in multi story car parks).

Through practice and repetition, the tuition available from Surrey Driving Force will help to instil the ideal driving technique along with ensuring that you are fully versed with all of the key reference points that your examiner will be looking for in order to pass this part of the driving test.

You Must Learn To Demonstrate These Key Skills

When completing this manoeuvre, the driving test examiner will be looking for a demonstration of 3 particular skills. These skills are:

  • Accuracy – The driving test examiner will assess your ability to reverse to the left (around a corner) and you will be expected to avoid the curb or stray too far onto the other side of the road.
  • Control – The examiner will judge your ability to keep the car at a slow and stable speed by use of clutch control.
  • Observation – Effective and all round observation must be taken whilst performing the reverse round a corner manoeuvre.

The following video from explores this in further detail.

Please Note – Essentially, this particular manoeuvre is made up of two straight line reverses with a turn in between.