Do you feel that you would pass your Driving Test if you were to retake one today? If the answer is no, then the solution is quite simple, you could do with a refresher driving course.

Whilst many people who can drive will happily try to convince anyone who will listen that they would not be out of place lining up next to Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton on the grid at Silverstone, the truth often lies a little further away.

Very few people would like to accept they’re a bad driver, but sometimes a gentle reminder Would You Still Pass Your Driving Test?of basic skills can do the confidence a world of good. In our working lives we understand the value of ongoing training to help us consistently perform to our best, why then should things be different when it comes to driving?

How Can a Refresher Driving Course Help Me?

A refresher driving course can help any driver to drive with confidence and put your mind at ease when you are behind the wheel. Whether you’ve had a bad experience whilst driving, or maybe haven’t driven a car for a long time, a refresher driving course will quickly have you driving safely with confidence again.


As well as giving back your confidence on the road, a course with SDF can save you money in the long term by removing bad habits which you may have picked up. We ensure you have the knowledge to make gear changes at the correct time for example in order to achieve minimum fuel consumption, which in turn helps reduce your carbon footprint!

Other reasons include wanting to overcome common motoring fears such as motorways or night driving, getting a job that involves high mileages, needing to regain confidence after an accident and moving from the country to the city or vice versa.

Individually Tailored Lessons

At SDF our refresher driving courses can be tailored to cover a variety of driving scenarios from psychological issues like tension and nervousness, along with other more technical aspects like road signs, speed awareness, reverse manoeuvres, parking manoeuvres, night driving, roundabouts and motorway driving.

Depending on your areas of weakness, we are happy to sharpen up your skills wherever the need arises.