Organised and run by one of our instructors Roger Baker, Surrey Driving Force is now in a position to offer a unique ‘Advanced Driving Day’.

Following Police Training Guidelines

Advanced driving is based on the publication Road Craft which was written by the police, for the police in an effort to train police drivers to a consistent high standard.

Learning how to conduct advanced observations is critical in advanced driving. For example, seeing things that other drivers would not necessarily be aware of, quickly analysing and grading them.

This is where you begin to learn ‘the system of car control’, a simple and repetitive process that provides a systematic, smooth and safe approach to any hazard. By following this system, you will always be driving at the right speed with the right gear engaged and in the right position on the road.

Varying vehicle position within the carriageway, learning about vehicle stability and how to use gear ratios to increase vehicle control adds important factors to the mix. Steering methods, braking, hazard awareness and something called ‘acceleration sense’ helps ensure the safe use of a motor car on the road.

Will it Make a Big Difference?

Advanced driving is a whole new ball game and involves looking at driving in a completely different way. Once you have mastered it you will wonder how you managed before.

Nothing in driving happens suddenly, the clues are there you just need to spot them. Once you have improved your observation and put in place the Road Craft system, driving will once again become a pleasure and not a daily chore.

Will it Make me a Better Driver?

I have no hesitation in saying yes. By using the techniques described in Road Craft you will not only improve your driving, but you will reduce the number of accidents and start to enjoy the challenge that advanced driving brings.

Can any Driving Instructor Teach Advanced Driving?

In my view the very best people to teach advanced driving on public roads are current or ex-police class 1 advanced drivers, who combine this with the experience and knowledge of instructing.

Roger Baker

What is a Driving Day?

The advanced driving day is very much tailored to your own individual needs. You may have only just passed your driving test or you may already be an experienced driver, every day is designed to meet your specific requirements.

The driving day will last approx. 8 hours and involves a number of short breaks for refreshment and discussion.

A half day is also available and this will last approx. 4 hours

Instruction is on a 1-1 basis although it’s worth considering sharing this experience with a friend or relative. This is a very effective way of learning, watching, listening and then rotating. It a technique used in all police driver training.

Where will the Training Take Place?

The driving day will leave the busy roads of Surrey behind and use the routes around Berkshire, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. These areas offer a number of delightful and challenging roads ideally suited to advanced driver training and are favoured by police driving schools.

The driving day will generally take place in your own vehicle which must be roadworthy, insured, taxed and if required, have an MOT. It is possible to use the instructor’s vehicle if necessary at an additional cost.

Subjects covered will include

  • Advanced observations
  • Implementing the system of car control
  • Commentary driving
  • Driving plans
  • Taking bends
  • Urban and Rural driving
  • Motorway driving