How much room do you leave cyclists when trying to squeeze past? Be honest!! If you have been getting a little too close for comfort, you could soon have to pay a hefty price for your mistake.

A recent report in the Independent has highlighted the fact that “Motorists face £5,000 fine for driving too close to cyclists in road safety push”.

Introducing On-The-Spot Fines

On-the-spot fines of up to £5,000 could be handed out to careless motorists who drive too close to cyclists, under new government proposals.

Transport minister Robert Goodwill said the Government was “interested” in bringing in the policy to help tackle hazardous driving practices.

Similar guidelines are already in place in Australia and elsewhere in Europe to protect bike users from reckless drivers.

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Enhancing Road Awareness

Road awareness is something that grows with experience and unfortunately, it is impossible to escape the fact that as a new driver, you are far more likely to have an accident than at any other time in your motoring career. Young new drivers hold approximately 10% of all licences, but they are involved in 20% of road accidents in which someone is injured.

Lack of experience means that you can be as much as TWO SECONDS slower than a more practised motorist and in driving terms that is an eternity.

Gaining Valuable Experience

By completing the Pass Plus course, you will be able to gain valuable experience by expanding your driving skills that would otherwise take a much longer to acquire. By the time you have completed your training you will be a better and safer driver.

Further Information

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