Parallel parking, sometimes referred to as the reverse parking manoeuvre as it is often known, is widely regarded to be one of the most difficult manoeuvres to master, and unfortunately as a result, causes many drivers to fail their test.

Learning This Essential Driving Skill

Parallel parking is a crucial skill to learn if you want to be able to park in town on the street. More often than not there is insufficient space to drive forward into a vacant parking space and therefore your only option is to utilise the parallel park to ensure that you reverse into the space.

What Do You Need To Know?

This is a task that many inexperienced drivers struggle with. The main objectives to achieve a successful parallel park include, keeping your speed down and being aware of other road users whilst your performing the task.

Basically, you will be required to stop alongside a parked car, and reverse into a space behind the parked car, in the space of two car lengths. You will not be asked to park between two cars on your driving test, as your examiner won’t know what your skill level is.

How Will We Teach You?

It is very important to use a structured technique which will allow you to practice until you reach a level of proficiency which ensure that each and every parallel park is accomplished successfully.

Structured learning techniques are applied by implementing the use of a variety of reference points. There are several techniques that can be used for the parallel park, whichever technique used, using reference points aids learner drivers accomplish this manoeuvre.

For further tips, check out our dedicated video below or by visiting our YouTube channel by clicking here.