Especially when stuck in one, few things seem more pointless than being stuck in a traffic jam! Nowhere to go and nothing that you can do to speed up your progress, traffic jams can be frustrating times for everyone.

However, whilst London has a reputation for widespread gridlock (at some times anyway), a recent report has highlighted the fact that Bristol actually has some of the worst congestion anywhere in the country according to their local paper.

A New Report

Traffic congestion is a disease which is strangling the life out of Bristol – according to a new report.

The report is claiming that Bristol is in the grip of a transport crisis and now has the slowest roads anywhere in the country.

The new study claimed that the on-going problems on Bristol’s roads has bought average speeds in the city to below 15 miles per hour.

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Dealing With City Centre Driving

Despite expert planning, sometimes some things are unavoidable and we end up being caught in heavy traffic anyway.

Below are some tips to help you through this:

  • Remain Calm: No-one enjoys being caught in heavy traffic and as such, tenses and frustrations can often come to a boiling point. Don’t let the red mist descend (counting to 10 is always better than being caught up by road rage!)
  • Leave Plenty of Room: Driving bumper to bumper only makes congestion worse, along with being highly dangerous. Leave plenty of space between you and the car in front so that you are able to react early to any signs of upcoming traffic.
  • Stay Vigilant: Don’t allow yourself to become complacent when driving, you need to be constantly aware of everything going on around you.
  • Make Sure You Are Comfortable: When setting off on a journey, there is no way that we can know exactly how long it will take. Therefore always making sure that we are in the most comfortable driving position is the only sensible option. 

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