Last month saw driverless cars being trialled on UK roads. Whilst some people view as a positive aspect in regards to increased road safety, due to the fact that these vehicles are hoped to eliminate human error, many believe that this could only be achieved if all vehicles on the road were driverless; as a combination of driverless and driven cars would have every chance of meaning more accidents.

Changing Behaviour

Recent research conducted in driving simulators has highlighted the fact that many human What Are Your Thoughts On Driverless Cars?drivers alter their typical driving behaviour when using the same road as driverless cars in an effort to mimic the driving styles resulting in much less space being left with the vehicle in front.

While driverless vehicles are likely to be equipped with sensors which would allow them react almost instantaneously, reaction times in human drivers are much significantly slower resulting in increased chances of an accident.

These warnings have been highlighted because of the publication of the report on the integration of autonomous vehicles on UK roads from the Institution of Engineering and Technology.  The report also highlighted the benefits of driverless cars.  There is an expectation that we will see fully driverless cars on our roads within the next 15 years

Driverless cars could also lead to more people living in the countryside as the vehicles will make it easier to get around in rural locations without being able to drive.

Other Issues To Take Into Account

Another serious issue which must be taken into account is the fact that driverless cars will need to be protected from hackers who could potentially take control of vehicles resulting in haos on the roads, cyber security and transport experts have warned.

Keeping Control of Our Cars

One thing is for sure, the team of high quality driving instructors in Surrey at SDF, will continue to feel much safer staying in control of our vehicles!

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