Every now and again a new story pops up in the newspapers regarding reports of someone being caught heading down the wrong side of the road on a motorway.

However, thankfully these stories are few and far between and as daunting as it may seem The Top 5 Motorway Driving Tips For New Driversventuring out onto a motorway for the first time, you are not going to be making headlines by following on from the story above!!

We offer a dedicated motorway driving training course designed to help teach the intricacies of driving on the UK’s unique network of motorways but to help provide a bit of additional information we have created our top 5 tips for new drivers thinking of driving on a motorway.

No. 1 – Take a Passenger

There is nothing wrong with being nervous and it is only natural that when you are thinking of driving on the motorway for the first time, you may feel a little apprehensive. A great way of calming nerves is to take someone with you, so long as they are an experienced driver they should be absolutely perfect to act as a calming influence whilst providing assurance along the way.

No. 2 – Keep Checking Your Mirrors

Every driver worth their salt from young to old knows just how important keeping a constant check on your mirrors is whilst driving. Always remember to check them regularly while keeping a check on your blind spots.

No. 3 – Accessing The Motorway

For anyone new to motorway driving, potentially the most nerve-racking part of the experience is actually getting on the motorway at the junction.

We are happy announce that generally other drivers will be accommodating to you when you signal your intention to join the motorway and will either move into the outside lane to create space for you or simply slow down a little.

AN SDF TIP! When you are approaching the motorway on the slip road, make sure that you pick up your speed so that you are driving at the correct speed when joining main carriageway.

No. 4 – Maintain Your Speed

On motorways, it is advised that you should maintain a speed of between 60 mph and 70 mph wherever possible whilst ensuring that you leave at least a two-second gap between you and the car in front.

The ability to drive at this speed will help the traffic to keep flowing whilst allowing you to stay at a safe distance from the car in front.

No. 5 – Exiting The Motorway

The exits on a motorway are very well sign posted and as such there is no excuse for not getting into the correct lane at the early.

Within 300 hundred yards of the exit, you will see the first countdown marker (a green sign with three white diagonal bars) – you should begin indicating here and move off safely.

Despite what you may hear from some people, motorway driving is actually not the daunting experience you may think and by following our tips, we believe that you may actually enjoy it!

Further Information

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