For many people, the worry caused by taking a step into the unknown is often the primary reason why they delay starting their driving lessons for so long.

We understand just how tough it can be preparing for your very first lesson and this is why we have created a new section for our website which is designed to remove the mystery element from your driving lessons.

Below we have added a number of videos which provide insight into many of the new skills which you will learn throughout your course of lessons.

There is no ‘by the book’ speed for progressing from one step to the next. Everybody is different and as you become comfortable with each previous step, you will be able to move smoothly from one step to the next.

Standard Driving Skills

The following videos highlight many of the skills that you will learn as you progress through your driving lessons:

Step 1 – Cockpit Drill

Step 2 – Gears

Step 3 – Steering & Ancillary controls

Step 4 – Co-ordination

Step 5 – The emergency stop

Step 6 – Hazard drill & basic junctions

Step 7 – Crossroads & more difficult T & Y junctions

Step 8 – Emerging from busier junctions

Step 9 – Roundabouts and mini-roundabouts

Step 10 – Traffic signals and pedestrian crossings

Step 11 – Hazard perception and defensive driving

Step 12 – Dual carriageways

Step 13 – Town and City centre driving

Step 14 – Progressive and eco safe driving


Along with the standard driving skills which you will learn during your lessons, there are also a number of manoeuvres which you must master in order to become driving test ready.

The videos below highlight the skills that you may face during your practical driving test:

Manoeuvres 1 – Straight line reverse

Manoeuvres 2 – Reversing to the left

Manoeuvres 3 – Reversing to the right

Manoeuvres 3 – Reversing to the right

Manoeuvres 4 – Bay parking

Manoeuvres 5 – Turn in the road

Manoeuvres 6 – Parallel parking

Driving Situations

It is unfortunately not possible to cover every possible situation that you may face when driving on the road during your driving lessons due to the fact that every time you venture out on to the road, driving conditions will be different.

However, to help give you a little insight into some of the situations that you may face, please take a moment to view the videos below:

What to do if you hear an Emergency Vehicle Siren

How to drive safely in flood conditions