Are you prepared for winter?

We’ve had a lovely hot summer, but, like it or not, (and as they say in Game of Thrones) winter is coming.

Winter not only throws up its own precautionary needs when driving, but it also means your car is subject to a pretty gruelling time.

The below winter car care guidance will make sure your car is in the best possible condition to take on the winter months.


It’s vital that your windscreen is clear at all times  -that means ALL of it.  Scraping off a little bit because you’re in a rush isn’t good enough. It seems obvious, but it’s a commonly-enough seen sight. A restricted view is dangerous!

Allow time to clear your entire wind screen, as well as all other windows and door mirrors before starting your journey.

These tips will help you make sure your vision is unobstructed at all times:

1.    Mirrors
•    Keep a dry cloth handy and clean all inside glass and mirrors
•    Wipe the windows dry before you set out on a journey
•    Use your demisters, if your car has a heated front and rear windscreen use them
•    Air conditioning can help when demisting screens
•    The cleaner the glass, the sooner the wipers can clear the outside of the screen
•    Always keep the washer bottle topped up
•    In dirty weather conditions, make sure your your windscreen, windows, indicators and lights are clean.

2.    Wipers, windscreen & washer fluid
•    Windscreen wipers are critical to winter driving; consider installing winter wipers
•    Good visibility is crucial – don’t forget to clean your windscreen and other windows inside and out.  You can use glass polish to clean the inside if smeary, but your air conditioning will help moderate condensation on cold windows
•    Windscreen washer fluid should be topped up and have an appropriate anti-freeze added to it, to reduce the chance of freezing in icy conditions. Also, ensure your washer jets are clear of obstruction and working effectively

You Car’s Body

Regular car maintenance will help it cope with the elements during the winter months.

3.    Car cleaning
Whether you favour the local car wash or the good, old-fashioned elbow grease version, making sure your car is clean will go a long way to protecting the body from the ravages of winter, such as rusting.

Don’t stop at the outside, either. Vacuuming the car regularly will prevent wear and tear on the upholstery and other interior surfaces.

4.    Protecting the car body
•    Winter is harsh on your car’s body; moisture, sand and road salt damage the exterior paintwork and speed up the corrosion process.  If road salt is common on the roads in your area during winter, consider rust proofing your vehicle
•    It’s a good idea to wax your car before winter – wax will help to preserve the paint. Scratches and stone chips will more likely corrode after winter so touch-up or repair any damages to your car’s paint before winter

•    Remove any leaves and other debris accumulated during other seasons from under the cowl panel below the windscreen and in other areas.  If left, you risk the leaves blocking water drains and collecting moisture
•    Wash your car more often in winter.  Moisture, salt and dirt get accumulated inside the wheel wells, under the doors and other areas, which can often cause corrosion
•    Consider buying winter floor mats – they will help to keep the water from leaking under the car’s carpet, which could cause corrosion to the wiring and electronic components.

Finally, before each journey, it’s important to check your car’s fluid levels are appropriate, that there is no damage to the screen, windows and mirrors and that your tyres have no cracks or gouges and that they are at the correct pressure.

These few pointers will go a long way in ensuring your car is prepared for the winter months.

Further Information

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