What do you need in your Emergency Winter Car Kit? 

As highlighted recently, the importance of being prepared during the winter months is paramount.

Should the worst happen, and you become stranded, it would be advisable to have the following items in your car:

  • Thermal blanket. It’s obviously important to keep warm, but it’s not good sense to run the engine constantly (a build up of carbon monoxide fumes inside the car can be fatal). A thermal blanket will help you retain some body heat.
  • Torch. The best kind would be a wind-up, LED torch, that way you’ve no worry of the batteries running out or the bulb blowing.
  • Shovel. You may need to dig your tyres out of the snow, so a shovel is useful. A folding shovel would mean less space is taken up in your boot.
  • Ice scraper. This should be in your car anyway. And no, the edge of your credit card isn’t just as good! A sturdy ice scraper, with a proper handle has no substitute.
  • De-icer spray. A fast, effective way of removing ice from your windscreen.
  • High-visibility vest. In snowy conditions, a high-vis vest will help other drivers see you clearly, ensuring safety at the side of the road.
  • Drinking water. A fresh supply of drinking water will ensure you don’t dehydrate should you be stranded for a significant amount of time.
  • Food. As above, a high-energy food stuff will help keep hunger at bay should you be stranded for a while. Chocolate or biscuits will last for a considerable amount of time if stored correctly.
  • First Aid Kit. A well-equipped First Aid kit will ensure you are prepared should a minor injury occur. The NHS website has excellent advice on what your First Aid kit should contain.

N.B As mentioned yesterday it is also useful to carry cat litter (should you need some for driving out of deep snow), a fully charged mobile phone and to dress appropriately before your journey.

Driving in the EU

It is also worth remembering that, although it is not mandatory to carry a kit in the UK, in Europe there are laws dictating what you should have in your car at all times (not just in the winter). The kits differ from country to country, but all follow the below lines:

  •  NF approved breathalyser kit
  • GB stickers
  • High-visibility jacket
  • Warning triangles
  • Headlamp converters and spare bulbs.

The above list is that dictated by French law, always remember to check for each country you will be driving in, before you embark upon your trip.

Further Information

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